FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we try the product before we purchase it?
Absolutely. You can download the software and contact us to get your FREE trial license.
Do you require any credit card verification to get the FREE trial license?
How long is the trial period?
It is one month.
Does the software run on linux?
Yes, it can run and has been thoroughly tested in MS Windows and Linux operating system.
Do you give any support for the use of your software?
Yes. During office hours, we offers FREE phone support, email support and remote support by remotely accessing the user computer (with permission from the user) if required. Outside office hours, you can send us email and we will response it in the next working day. We also offers premium support thru any means of communication. Contact us if you are interested to have premium supports.
What is "server instance"?
Server Instance is a Whizeva Application Server service that run on either a physical or a virtual machine. Virtual machine is an emulation of a particular computer system using virtualization technology such as VMware. Therefore, if you run two services in the same computer (either using two different ports or two virtual machines), you have to purchase two licenses.