Whizeva Manufacturing


Whizeva Manufacturing Whizeva Manufacturing is a module that is used for manufacturing industry. It has the default activities in amufacturing process such as creating Bill of Material, Work Order, Material Release and Material Results. It also has a link to the Sales module so that the production progress of an Sales Order can be tracked automatically. This module has to be used with Whizeva Accounting product. As it is linked to Whizeva Accounting, all of the activities in the production process will be automatically posted to the general ledger and also the materials and finished products will be tracked by the inventory system.

Some of the features are:

  • Supports multiple factories
  • Bill of Materials
  • Work Orders
  • Material Release
  • Material Result
  • Directly linked to the inventory and accounting system
  • Work order can be linked to the Sales Order enabling the tracking of sales order production progress
  • Comprehensive reports