Whizeva Restaurant Software


Whizeva POS Restaurant

Software/Program untuk Restoran, Rumah makan, Kafe, Food court, Restoran cepat saji, dll.

This POS (Point of Sales) software is suitable for Restaurant, Food shop, Cafe, Bar, etc. It main purpose is to handle and track the sales in that food store. This product has to be used with Whizeva Accounting (Inventory and Sales) module to enable the stock tracking system.

This product is very easy to use and has been developed to be used with Cash drawer, POS printer, Barcode scanner and touch screen.

You can keep the loyalty of your customer with Customer Point Reward feature and Membership program..

Some of the features are:

  • Cash Management (deposit, withdrawal, daily cash sales report, etc)
  • Supports touch screen
  • Supports barcode reader
  • Easy to use User interface
  • Supports many POS printers and cash drawers
  • User can choose the size of the paper for the bill print out
  • Directly linked to the inventory system for tracking the stocks
  • Can be linked to the accounting system
  • Friendly User Interface for restaurant table management
  • Captain Order can be instantly forwarded to the kitchen or bar depending on the order type (food or beverages) and it can be either displayed on a computer or being printed to a printer
  • Can track the progress of the orders (being processed, ready to be served, already served, etc)
  • It has emotion to show the customer waiting time.