Whizeva Sales


Whizeva Sales

Whizeva Sales is a general purpose sales software that can be used in either retail or wholesale businesses. This product is suitable for any business that requires general sales system and stock tracking in sales and purchasing activities such as store, retail shop, wholesaler, importer, exporter, mini market, supermarket, hypermarket, etc.

As part of the Whizeva system, you can add additional feature to this system such as:

  • Whizeva Accounting
    This will give you an accounting capabilities in your sales activities.
  • Whizeva Payroll
    This will give you a payroll system that can reduce your burden in calculating your employee wages.
  • Customer Point Rewards
    You can keep the loyalty of your customer that allow them to accumulate points from their purchases in your premise that can be used for discounts, rewards, etc.
  • Physical Inventory
    This additional module will certainly help you in the process of counting your inventory during a physical inventory process.

Inventory Features:

  • Supports multiple unit of measurements
  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • Supports multi-lingual item name
  • Supports multi pricing system
  • Supports wholesale and retail (POS) system
  • Goods movements (Incoming goods, Outgoing goods, Transfer between warehouses)
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Physical Inventory (supports full physical count and cycle count)

Sales Features:

  • Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Invoice, Receipt, Sales Return
  • Comprehensive Sales reports
  • Customer Point Reward system for customer loyalty (linked directly to the sales system)
  • Membership Program to increase your business revenues
  • Support sales break down per department
  • Supports tracking revenue and budgeting per department

Purchasing Features:

  • Purchase Requisition, Request For Quotation, Purchase Order, Received Goods/Item, Invoice, Payment, Purchase Return
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Support costs break down per department
  • Supports tracking costs and budgeting per department

POS (Point of Sales) features:

  • Cash Management (deposit, withdrawal, daily cash sales report, etc)
  • Supports touch screen
  • Supports barcode reader
  • Easy to use User interface
  • Supports many POS printers and cash drawers
  • User can choose the size of the paper for the bill print out
  • Directly linked to the inventory system for tracking the stocks
  • Can be linked to the accounting system